Heating,venting, air conditioning (HVAC) contractors since 1972, Arvin Air Systems specializes in the installation and service of HVAC equipment in the industrial/commercial sector of the greater Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville and Grimbsy area


Mr.Louis Serafini Jr-Fengate Property Management

For over 30 years, Arvin Air Systems has serviced the buildings we manage. The real estate ranges from a 3-story office building to a commercial plaza. Arvin Air also monitors and manages the energy conservation program in one of our office towers. They take care of all of our HVAC system needs: installing equipment, servicing controls, gas piping, ductwork distribution and remote monitoring. I know when I have a concern, it will always be taken care of without a follow-up phone call.

Mr.Ken Radford-Harris Rebar

A critical production exhaust fan failed causing the epoxy production process to be halted. Arvin Air was able to quickly source a new exhaust fan, modify the ductwork and install the new exhaust fan to minimize the downtime of our production process. Arvin's staff took full responsibility of ensuring the production exhaust system was operating to our ventilation standards. They saved our organization both money and valuable production time to satisfy our customers' needs. Arvin Air truly understands the importance of quick customer service and doing an industrial project right the first time.

Mr.Blair Ward-Pollard Windows

Arvin Air Systems was retained to perform an energy conservation audit of our plant area. Arvin Air identified the energy savings opportunities and guaranteed a three-year payback on the project. Arvin Air implemented an energy conservation plan, which included installing a temperature setback system for the natural gas unit heaters and steam fan coils in the plant. The work performed was a turnkey contract that was completed on schedule. The benefits to us were, reduced operating costs, state of the art control system and improved comfort for our employees. Arvin Air guaranteed the energy savings and the simple payback for the project will be two years instead of three. Our only regret is we did not implement this energy control system sooner than now! Arvin Air Systems has serviced our plant since 1989.

Mr.Jay Basian-Marland Management Services

At Marland, we value a quick response time from Arvin Air Systems because their technicians fix a problem the first time with our heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment. Arvin Air Systems has been servicing our properties since 2002, and has become a valuable supplier that we view as a partner in our business. Arvin Air Systems offers turnkey solutions to heating, ventilating, and air conditioning concerns we have at our properties.

Mr.John Littler-The Granary

Arvin Air Systems designed and installed a new natural gas boiler heating system for The Granary. Arvin Air approached the board of directors and recommended that the 3 new high efficiency condensing boilers be installed to replace the two existing atmospheric boilers. The board was promised a 25% annual savings on our natural gas expense. The heating system has been operating for 2 years and we have recognized annual savings of 33% on our natural gas bill. As per their reputation, they continually exceed our expectations and this is due their experienced and well trained staff.

Arvin Air was able to retrofit our existing water piping, natural gas piping and natural gas venting with their great staff. The staff at Arvin Air is the most knowledgeable, dedicated and committed heating, ventilating and air conditioning organization that we have experienced. The Granary looks forward to many more years as partners with Arvin Air providing our board of directors with quality HVAC solutions.